Goodbye lazy 3rd world living; Hello lazy 1st world living

September 27, 2010

Here is another rather personal update.

So, I spent the last year in the poorest parts of South America. Just me, my math books, and 3rd world living. The highland towns of Bolivia are the ones I remember best. No hot water, no heating, sleeping with all my clothes on at the same time. The narrow broken mountain roads, the speed crazy coca chewing bus drivers, all those rickety 16 hour bus journeys. Eating every day at the town markets, sitting next to short and stocky native indians. Two dollars a night for a room, two for food, two for beer and two for internet. A simple but free life. A year of studying.

And then my money ran out. So I’m back in the UK. I found a job in Basingstoke. Its a C++ job. Its traditional software development (as opposed to 24/7 web service plumbing) just like I wanted . The hours are 9to5 and the pace is quite relaxed. The pay is good. There is some maths in there as well. This looks like the best job I have had so far. In my previous jobs I always ended up working 10 hour days. I dont want that again. There is more to life than work. I think now I will have time to study and enjoy my free time a little. I also went to a couple of interviews for investment banking jobs, but backed away when I realized it was exactly the type of job I didn’t want. I have had enough of maintaining large fragile legacy 24/7 systems. I can do without those 3AM support calls, thank you. I’m happy I did not end up in Games either. Long hours, low pay and tight deadlines. No thanks.

I’m reading a book now called “The C++ FAQ 2nd edition” by  Marshall Cline. I would not have picked it up where it not for some stranger on reddit that recommended it. Its surprisingly good considering its over 10 years old.  You feel the age a bit by the OOP buzz wording. However, there is stuff in here that I have not read elsewhere. For instance, inheritance is not about the IS-A relationships or sub-typing. Public inheritance is about substitutability, nothing more or nothing less. For instance, even though a circle is a subgroup of the group oval in the mathematical sense. Their interfaces probably still wont be substitutable. This is not a book for beginners though, its more of a “Best Practices” type book. I recommend it.



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