Maths is Neat!

March 12, 2010

Wow, its been over a year since I posted anything here. This blog was meant to be only about C++ but that might change now. Two interesting books where published last year that I did not have time to read. They where Stroustrups new book “Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++” and Stepanovs “Elements of Programming”. The first is aimed at C++ beginners, the second at Mathematicians. Stepanov is the genius that invented STL.

That brings me to the point of this post. I always wanted to learn more maths but somehow never got around to studying it seriously. There was always something else. As a programmer you can make a career without any maths knowledge at all. I would guess 95% of programming jobs don’t require any maths. But then again 95% of programming jobs are quite boring. Its seems to me all the interesting programming is in maths heavy areas. For instance 3D programming is heavy with linear algebra, physics simulation is heavy with calculus. Algorithm and data structure design is also heavy with maths. That all interesting stuff.

So I bought a bunch of math book, put them in my backpack. Quit my job. Bought a one way ticket to South America. And for the  last year I have been living cheaply and studying hard. Who needs schools and teachers when you can teach yourself anything. It might sound crazy but its been great. I started studying pre-calculus, all that stuff I once knew and forgot. I moved on to study lots of linear algebra. I have also been studying a bit of calculus and about the math in games. I have also had time for sum fun and games, im in South America after all. By summer time I’ll be job hunting for a programming job that requires some of this math. I’ll try getting a 3D game programming job. I think that would be very interesting. My plan B is to go back to University and study maths. This stuff is interesting in its own right. I got nothing but respect and admiration for mathematicians and what they can do. Mathematics is the language of the universe after all. And what could be more interesting than that?

Maths is just great, especially in connection with programming. I hope I keep motivated to keep studying this for years to come.



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